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The Lion of Amphipolis

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The Lion of Amphipolis is a work of plastic Epitaph of the 4th century before common dating, it’s a martial glory monument and practice. According to Professor Dimitris Lazaridis,it was erected in honor of Laomedon from Lesbos, one of most remarkable triirarchos of Alexander the Great who settled at Amphipolis.


The Lion of Amphipolis, though seated, is greater than the lion of Chaeronea; has a height of over four meters and with the pedestals exceeds eight meters. Only the head has a length of two meters. The style testifies by experts that it is a work of the fifth or the first half of the fourth BC century. As far as the time of its construction is concerned, there is no consensus among experts since none of the ancient authors mentions anything about this monument.


According to recent archaeological discoveries, it is speculated  by some archaeologists that the lion was on the top of the tomb of Amphipolis, a view that is challenged.


Modern web folklore beliefs speculate the lion has no tongue, so as not to disclose to whom the grave belongs to, keeping it secret, or the creator of the lion throwing it into the sea disappointed after finding that he forgot to build the tongue ...




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