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Cave Sources of Aggitis River

It is located 23 kilometers northwest of the city of Drama and is the only exploited river cave in Greece.…

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Canyon of Petroussa - Pyrgoi

The Canyon of Petroussa - Pyrgoi begins north of the village of Pirgoi and terminates in Petroussa. With a length…

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Falakro mountain

The most important massif of the prefecture of Drama is the Falakro Mountain, which is one of the largest mountains…

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Sanctuary of Dionysus

Of particular interest is the existence at Kali Vrysi of Drama the building of early Hellenistic period, preserved in good…

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Fortification of Aggitis

At the top of the hill above the cave of Maara, a fortification was built in the late Roman or…

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Prosotsani's Folklore Museum

Τhe building is an important cultural heritage of the place, which is why 50 years after the last habitation, the…

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Archaeological Museum of Drama

 The Drama Archaeological Museum was built by the Municipality of Drama and beguested to the Ministry of Culture. In this…

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Military Museum Lisse

The village  Ohiro  and the surrounding mountains are known from the famous line of forts of the Second World War…

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Tuba Sitagroi - The Neolithic House

TUBA Sitagroi The systematic excavation of Sitagroi held after the cooperation of the English School of Archaeology and the University…

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Alistrati's Cave

Alistrati’s cave is one of the largest caves in Europe. The rich decoration includes, apart from huge stalactites and stalagmites…

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Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis

The Museum of Amphipolis is a versatile set of premises and human resources with many different functions in relation to…

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Archaeological site of Philippi

Located 15 km from Kavala in Krinides and is one of the most important historical sites in the area. Founded…

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The Lion of Amphipolis

The Lion of Amphipolis is a work of plastic Epitaph of the 4th century before common dating, it’s a martial…

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Τύμβος Καστά (en)

Τύμβος Καστά ή απλά λόφος Καστά ονομάζεται ο κυκλικός λόφος στην περιοχή της αρχαίας Αμφίπολης στην ανατολική Μακεδονία και στις όχθες του ποταμού Στρυμόνα, σε απόσταση περίπου 900…